How to Save Money on Healthy Food

15 Oct

It’s no secret that eating healthy isn’t cheap. Basically you have two options when grocery shopping – buy cheap fare and get fat or splurge on healthy food and go broke. This can be a tough one, but all paths should obviously lead to the latter. Clearly it’s better to be fit, healthy, and destitute than fat, rich, and obese.

Okay, now we’ve solved that dilemma.

I’m cheap. Like really, really cheap. It hurts my soul to pay a premium for healthy food at the grocery store, but of course I view it as my civic duty to myself. I refuse to accept that I can’t still save money at the grocery store while eating healthy. So I embarked on a mission to find ways to save money on healthy food and I found coupon clipping sites, Coupon Dede and The Coupon Clippers.

Saving Money on Healthy Food

My coupon clipping sites help me to save an average of $6-12 on my weekly grocery bill. That might not seem like a lot per week, but per year that’s $312-624!

Of course I can’t find coupons for everything, but healthy food items I commonly find deals on are:

  • Yoplait Greek Yogurt
  • Morningstar Meatless Products
  • Fresh Express Lettuce
  • Butterball Turkey Bacon
  • Frigo String Cheese
  • Tyson Frozen Grilled Chicken
  • Quaker Oatmeal

Those are just the products I use – there’s tons more that I don’t – but you just might.

Now, besides the Fresh Express lettuce coupon, there’s not a lot of other produce deals out there. That’s why my fiancée and I go to our local farmer’s market each week. The produce there is so fresh and so much cheaper than the grocery store that it makes eating healthy actually affordable.

Moral of the Story: Don’t buy fatty foods to pad both your wallet and your arse, instead put a little effort into saving money on healthy food, as eating healthy doesn’t have to break the bank if you get a little crafty with it.


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