Shingles, Infected Jogging Wounds, & the Bride

19 Nov

On the day of her bridal shower, every bride wants to wear a cute dress, happily greet her guests, then daintily open gifts from her wedding registry -while simultaneously pretending like she didn’t already know what was inside in every box. Now, where is the part in that pretty picture that the bride gets to greet every open-armed guest with a “Hold up. Have you had chicken pox? Yes. Great, I’ve got shingles but I can’t give it to you, so you can give me a hug.” Or, “No? Well I’ll just wave at you then to be cautious, because I have shingles.”

Yep, that’s right, I was Frankenbride for my wedding shower. I went to the doctor the day before as my battle wounds from my jogging accident two weeks before still hadn’t healed and I had developed a sweet rash on my back. It took the doc two seconds to diagnose me with an allergic reaction to Neosporin, (which I had been loyally bathing my wounds in for two weeks, and later was informed by mom my that I knew of this allergy… oops), a bacteria infection gracing my arm gash, and a beautiful cash of shingles on my back. All I can say is YUM! Even the doctors couldn’t contain their laughter at the timing of the number of gross things I had going on with my skin the day before my bridal shower…

Shingles and bacteria infected wounds couldn’t keep me from getting down with some Crate & Barrel dishes.

Thankfully I was able to cover all these gorgeous injuries with a cute little lacy sleeved dress and tights, but the main issue here is that YOU CAN’T WORKOUT WHEN YOU HAVE SHINGLES!! Omg, total crisis when your wedding is less than two months away and you’re a weight conscious freak like I am.

So began my eight days without the gym.

Although I definitely had it easier than 99% of the people who come down with shingles, the first few days of my rash totally sucked. Even exercising-loving wackadoodle me couldn’t focus on wanting to work out. By day four or so though, I became obsessed with whining about my lack of workout woes. Then my fiance (probably very tired of listening to this after about the tenth time) came up with the completely brilliant idea that maybe I could do Pilates videos at home.

So I tested out a couple of my favorite Blogilates leg and arm videos and thankfully my lovely rash was alright with it, so I was able to do a few of them each night. Sure, doing Pilates videos in front of the mirrored closet doors in my bedroom isn’t the same thing as a trip to the gym, but it definitely made me feel a lot better about my unwanted gym hiatus.

Losing Weight Without Working Out

For the most part, I always try to eat super healthy, although I strongly feel that working out most days of the week gives me a good bit of leeway to not have to go crazy and count calories. However, during my week of not being able to go to the gym, I had to get a little harder on myself.

I forced myself to get on the scale a few times during the week to make sure I wasn’t blimping up, and was shocked to see that I actually lost like 1.5 pounds! Although this was somewhat puzzling, it was also fantastic news! On the other hand, I was hungry all week. Very, very hungry.

Thankfully after eight days away from my friend the gym, I was able to make my triumphant return and go back to eating everything I want (yes, I typically have a genuine desire for super healthy food, but that’s beside the point), and was no longer a hungry little girl.


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