How to Survive the Holiday Season Without Getting a Santa Gut

17 Dec

The holiday season is in full swing and if you haven’t already started the Christmas party circuit, it’s most certainly in your immediate future. Everywhere you go delicious once-a-year delicacies like Christmas cookies, cheese balls, chocolate, egg nog, and the like will be greeting you with a nice hearty, “EAT ME!!”

While you should indulge a bit and enjoy this delicious holiday party food, you don’t have to behave like a starving man at a Golden Corral. Just because it’s the happiest time of the year it doesn’t mean it also has to be the fattest!

Navigating a Potluck Holiday Party

As the polite party guest that you are, you wouldn’t dream of going to a potluck party empty-handed. Instead, you’ll want to load those skinny arms of yours up with a healthy dish to combat the fat bombs that everyone else brings. Choose something you really like, so you’ll actually want to eat your own cooking. I suggest choosing something from Skinnytaste, my go-to site for recipes, as everything is absolutely delicious!

If you’re pressed for time, or just not that into cooking, stop by the grocery store and let them do the work for you! Great pre-made ideas include things like veggie trays and hummus, pre-cut fruit, sushi (vegetable or California rolls), popchips, or a big salad with low-fat dressing.

Tips for a Catered Fiesta

A lot of parties during the holiday season are catered, especially work events. When heading to this type of fiesta, you’ve got to change your game plan up. Since you won’t be able to bring anything to ensure there’s at least one healthy item on the menu, you’ve gotta mentally prepare yourself not to surrender and fall into the fat trap.

Give yourself an allotment of fatty items in advance, then try to stick to it. It’s inevitable they’ll be a salad and some type of vegetable, so try to load up on those if everything else is fried or covered in a “special sauce.” If a fattening little sweet thing keeps giving you the eye, it’s okay to answer the call, just don’t go nuts with it. Moderation is the key thing to keep in mind here. Remember, there’s no law mandating that you eat everything on your plate!


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