Preparing for a Winter Wedding — How to Keep Your Diet in Check

7 Jan

This past Saturday I married my boyfriend of 3.5 years! Yayyy! When you live in Pittsburgh, a winter wedding is about as common as finding someone not wearing a “Stillers” jersey wandering around “dahntown” on a football Sunday (or let’s face it, any day). Whatever though, at least ours will be much more memorable than the 59 summer weddings our guests will attend over the course of their lives.

Anyways, battling the snow isn’t the only challenge with a January wedding — you also have to deal with the issue of  the plethora of holiday food that surrounds you from Thanksgiving through New Years. Not only is there, it’s good, and it wants you to eat it! Oh boy.

I won’t lie, this was definitely challenging some days, but overall turned out to be totally manageable.

Avoid Gaining Weight for Your Winter Wedding with These Tips

  • Workout Like a Crazy Person: Seriously, go to the gym as much as possible. For me, I could typically only manage to get there five times per week, but would go six days when I could find the time. This is tricky of course, as not only are you a busy bride, but it’s also in the middle of the holiday season. On the plus side, exercising is a great way to relieve the stress that inevitably comes with both of these things.
  • Make Healthy Recipes: My contribution to the office potluck holiday party this year was a big salad with low-fat dressing. I filled the majority of my plate with this, skipping the cookies, brownies and other fatty things I would never eat at lunchtime anyway. I was also pleasantly surprised to be on the receiving end of many compliments, as my co-workers were happy to have something healthy to add to the party!
  • Practice Moderation: The holidays only come once a year, so you shouldn’t deprive yourself of some of your favorite once-a-year foods! You’ll just be a bitter little bridezilla, who ends up in the middle of a midnight cookie binge. Simply limit yourself to a certain number of cookies, skip thirds on the mashed potatoes, and you’ll be just fine.

Basically, I found that if you’re already living a healthy lifestyle, you don’t really need to go one some crazy diet to fit into your wedding gown. I pretty much lived life as normal and felt fantastic on my wedding day!


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