How to Avoid the Relationship Fat Trap

14 Jan

As a lady, when you’re single, you typically don’t go out to eat very much. At least I didn’t when I was single. Sure, I hung out with my friends a lot, but we were usually doing womanly activities like shopping, seeing girly movies, and going out to the bars to man hunt. Sometimes these activities involved food, but even then we’d normally choose a restaurant that would be considered pretty healthy. Eating healthy was never not an option.

Then you start dating someone new and more than just your Facebook status changes — you immerse yourself in a love food coma.

Falling into the Fat Trap

One of the most popular (actually probably the most popular) couples outings is the dinner date. Whether you’re dining out at restaurant, eating takeout, or staying in to cook together, suddenly ladies you’re eating like a man. And it looks a whole lot better on him.

My husband is a studly 6’7 giant. He eats a lot (obviously). Even though he’s usually a pretty healthy eater, I would still look like Godzilla if I tried to match him bite-for-bite. It can be hard to resist temptation when he’s sitting on the couch eating his fifth snack of the evening, so most of the time I’ll have a bite or two when he offers. Then I remind myself that if I keep eating I’ll look like a big fat ape.

I’ll admit that sometimes I do let my inner fatty get the most of me, but we all know when we’ve gotten a little bit out of control, so it’s important to snap back out of it!

Avoiding the Love Gut

People find it odd that my husband and I don’t really share groceries, but we think it makes perfect sense. I want to have a salad and veggies for dinner every night, while he prefers man food. Some nights we eat together, cooking our respective dinner’s side-by-side in the kitchen, other times we don’t. I don’t have to get fat eating his man food and he doesn’t have to starve because his wife feeds him like a bird. This is our weeknight way of life and we totally love it!

We try not to really eat out too much for dinner on the weeknights, which helps to keep our wallets fat and our waistlines skinny, but we love going out to dinner on the weekends!

Salads are your friend.

Salads are your friend.

I won’t lie, I do truly love eating healthy, so even when we’re out to dinner I typically order a salad or something off the “lite menu.” This combats the fact that we pretty much always order an appetizer, wine, and tend to find dessert at some point in the evening.

Moderation is the key to avoid falling into the relationship fat trap ladies! You’re not a man, so if you think about it rationally, it should be pretty easy not to mimic the eating habits of the stud in your life. Don’t give up all your favorite indulgences, simply keep the number of diet splurges you allow yourself in check during the course of a week. You’ll be left with the feeling of satisfaction that you’re even hotter than the day you met him!


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