Get Toned with These Home Workouts

4 Mar

I love the idea of home workouts. Unfortunately my husband and I don’t yet have a house big enough for a home gym, but that’s definitely a must-have for the future! Although I can’t do cardio at home, I can do toning workouts with core, abs, arm, and leg exercises. While these can’t take the place of cardio, they’re a great addition to your workouts to help you get nice and toned!

Personally, I’m obsessed with finding free workouts on YouTube. There’s a lot of really good ones on there! I’ve managed to find a couple of awesome fitness instructors, like Cassey from Blogilates and Karena and Katrina from Tone it Up. Not only do they have tons of videos already posted online, they also constantly come up with new ones to mix it up and keep you from plateauing!

My Favorite Home Workouts

Below is a random sampling of some of my favorite home workouts. I’ve been doing some of these videos for a long time now, and have just recently discovered a couple of the others. Enjoy!


When I’m doing the core exercises in this Blogilates “You’ve Got Abs! Flat Abs Pilates Workout Challenge,” video, I hate it, which means it’s awesome for you! I did this one twice in a row the other day and had sore abs for two days. What a workout — try it!

Legs & Behind

I just discovered the Tone It Up “MaliBooty” workout last week and I love it! Do it two or three times and you’ll to feel it the next day. Hardcore.

The Blogilates “Perky Butt ‘n Long Lean Legs Workout is one of the first home workouts I found on YouTube. It continues to be the one I force myself to do when I’m really looking for leg exercises that may not be fun while I’m doing them, but will make me proud when I’m done!


Most arm workouts are kind of hard for me, because I always have the sorest neck and shoulders, and the moves hurt — in a bad way. I was so happy to find this “Love Your Arms Routine with Karena.” It’s part of the Tone It Up Love Your Body Series. The exercises don’t hurt my neck and shoulders, and she keeps you moving during the routine, so it feels like you’re getting a full body workout!

What are your favorite home workouts?  I’m always looking for some new ones to try!

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