Counting Calories Made Easy

11 Mar
Looks like I need to do a better job of counting calories.

Aha!  Perhaps this is why I’m not losing weight?

Let’s get one thing straight, I am not a fan of counting calories. This is not a long-term habit that I care to get into, but simply a short-term activity. As previously mentioned, I gained about five pounds on my British honeymoon. I’m fine with this. If there’s ever a time for a temporary weight gain, honeymoons and trips to Europe are certainly the best excuses I can think of .

The problem is I’ve been exercising like a crazed animal since our return and I still haven’t lost a couple of those pesky pounds. I know could be seen as slightly anal retentive to fret about a couple of pounds but whatever. First you gain a couple pounds, then a couple more, then you’ve got a real situation on your hands. A situation I don’t care to find myself in.

It seemed crazy to me that I could be putting so much effort into exercising and not really losing weight. I’m completely against fad diets, so counting calories to see what I’m doing wrong was really my only other option. I’ve used the Daily Burn Tracker in the past, so I decided to dust my account off and try it again.

I knew working out so much was causing me to eat like a pregnant heifer, but I didn’t realize that even though I was eating healthy, I still wasn’t eating the right food combinations. Using the Daily Burn Tracker helps me to see exactly where I’m at for the day with fat, calories, protein, and carbs, so I don’t accidentally oink it up.

On the average weekday* I typically eat pretty much the same thing, which makes counting calories pretty easy. Each morning, I put everything I plan to eat for the day into my Daily Burn Tracker Nutrition Log. I also enter a workout in if I plan to go to the gym later and it adjusts my nutrition limits accordingly.

Although counting calories isn’t an ideal situation, I think it’s much more effective than going on fad diets for a few weeks. You gain weight back after stopping a fad diet, while counting calories simply teaches you how to eat healthy portions of foods you actually like.

*I don’t believe in counting calories from Friday at 5pm through Sunday evening. Though I do my best to eat healthy on weekends, watching it this closely on weekends is a bit more than I care to do.


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