Cut Calories & Plump Your Wallet by Bringing a Healthy Lunch to Work

25 Mar
My healthy lunch stockpile

My healthy lunch stockpile

I love a good healthy lunch. I do my best to follow a healthy diet most of the time, but I always feel better about dinner splurges when I know it’s my first diversion into fatland for the day. One of the main ways I always manage to find a healthy lunch in downtown Pittsburgh, is by making it in my own kitchen and toting it to work myself each day.

As someone who has been a devoted lunch packer my entire professional life, it seems crazy to me that many people eat out every single day. I mean, kudos to them for supporting the economy and all, but that seems a bit excessive.

Sure, I enjoy eating out at lunchtime every once in awhile with my dad (who also has the pleasure of working in beautiful downtown Pittsburgh), friends, or during the rare times that there just isn’t any suitable food in my house. This is an occasional gift to myself though, not part of my daily grind.

Not only does packing a healthy lunch allow me to avoid accidentally eating an unidentified fat bomb, it’s also one of the easiest ways to save money I can think of. If you think about it, the average lunch out probably costs about $10. Multiple that by five and you’ve spent $50 on lunch for ONE WEEK! That’s only ever-so-slightly less than I spend about that much on my entire weekly grocery bill!

I know a lot of people have grand intentions of making a healthy lunch in the morning, but then end up eating out because they run out of time to actually do it. Personally, I avoid this little snafu by making lunch at night. Actually, I do as much advance prep work as I can. For example, if I’m bringing strawberries to work that week, I put three days of them in containers at a time, so all I have to do is grab one and put it in my lunch bag. Voila!

So there you’ll have it — whether you’re looking for ways to save money, cut calories, or both, bringing a healthy lunch to work is the answer you’ve been looking for!


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