My Encounter with the Gym Locker Room Shower

8 Apr
After using the gym shower, I have a newfound appreciation for this 1974 tiled beauty

After using the gym shower, I have a new appreciation for this tiled beauty from 1974.

My husband and I are getting ready to put our house on the market, so we’ve been doing a few repairs to spruce the old girl up. Last week this process involved not one, but two separate instances where fresh caulk was applied to the shower. If you know anything about caulking a shower, you know the area has to stay totally dry for 24 hours following the job, to settle it or something…

Anyways, our house has1.5 bathrooms, meaning it’s a one shower establishment. I love showers. I take them at least twice a day. What can I say, I’m odd. So this posed a big problem for me, with only one logical solution — heading to the showers in locker room at my gym. Ick!

I don’t mean to sound ungrateful. Afterall, I’m glad my gym locker room can offer me a backup shower five minutes down the road whenever I need it. But it’s just sooo… eww!

Although my gym is a large national chain, I don’t find it to be the poster child for cleanliness. As someone who hates germs, having to shower in such a place isn’t exactly on my list of favorite things to do. Oh well, here goes…

Braving the Locker Room Shower

If you’re going to the gym to take a shower, you’ve gotta at least justify this event with a workout first. I prepped myself for this event by getting all hot and sweaty running intervals on the treadmill. After this process, I knew there was no backing out, I HAD to take a shower, and it HAD to happen at the gym.

I came fully prepared, stocked with shower shoes, a beach towel (not only providing extra coverage, but also because I would never feel the same about one of my bath towels after taking it on a fieldtrip to the gym locker room), my own travel-sized products taken from a hotel (so I could dispose of them afterwards), and some clean clothes.

I approached the shower area with caution, as I had never previously cared to venture into this part of my gym locker room. Overall, it wasn’t too bad. No open air jail-room style showers as I had feared, but instead a bunch of individual little stalls, complete with shower curtains that didn’t quite cover the doorway openings. Yum. Added bonus: many were still wet from the leftover shower spray of other ladies. Double yum.

I was pleasantly surprised that the shower was big enough that I didn’t need to touch the walls, because really who knows how many nude weirdos had been rubbing up against them before I got there (eww eww eww). There was a soap dispenser on the shower wall filled with an amber-colored substance that I decided to avoid. Was it soap, shampoo, conditioner, or all three? Who knows.

After taking the world’s shortest shower, I headed straight to my locker to put my nice, clean clothes on. And immediately after I was fully clothed, I rushed straight to the sink for some hardcore handwashing in an attempt to remove locker room shower germs from my fingers.

Ultimately, I’ll admit it wasn’t the worst experience in the world. Desperate times call for desperate measures, right?

So the next time you find yourself in a grody gym locker room prepping for a shower, just remember to touch as little as possible and to consult the sink for a good case of handwashing rid yourself of those germs right after!


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