My Latest Obsession: the Lose It App

6 May

Let’s face it, no one truly enjoys counting calories. It’s not particularly fun having to figure out the nutritional values of everything you eat, and then (*gasp*) hold yourself accountable for it!

In a way, ignorance is bliss when it comes to eating delicious food. When you don’t know the nutritional content of your favorite burrito or have managed to convince yourself that any item containing the world “salad” is healthy, you can enjoy eating it guilt-free.

While this is a perfectly acceptable and encouraged practice occasionally, being completely uninhibited with your diet all the time will lead you nowhere but to a wardrobe filled with elastic-waist pants. Not a good look.

I’ve previously written about my attempts at counting calories using the Daily Burn, where I’ve tried logging what I eat a few times in the past. While it’s a great site, I’ve never been able to stick with it, because it’s quite tedious. Even for those of us who eat the same thing most weekdays, you have to go in and log each item again every single day.

Enter the Lose It app.

Oink oink! I went over my calorie goal on this day.

Oink oink! I went over my calorie goal on this day.

At last, calorie counting made easy! I accidentally stumbled upon a review of this app when writing a story for work and consequently downloaded it immediately. That was three weeks ago and I haven’t missed a day of logging since. I’m obsessed!

The Lose It app makes it so easy to input everything you ate for the day and track your exercise, that I can literally get an entire day’s worth of data logged in about two minutes or less. It saves everything you logged for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks as a group and allows you to copy each meal over to other days, adding and deleting items as you wish. It also has a barcode scanner, so you can zap the nutritional data right off a package. So easy!

To get started you enter your current weight, your ideal weight, and how much you’d like to use each week. It then calculates the amount of calories you need each day to achieve that goal. However, it also calculates your calorie intake for the week, so if you eat a little less one day, and a little more the next, you can see how it balances itself out. On days that you exercise, you simply input the activity, choose your level of effort, and it adds the calories you burned onto the total you’re allotted for the day.

If you need some extra motivation, you can invite friends to start using the Lose It app with you, and join in on some fun little challenges. They also give you cute little badges when you do good things, which I secretly love!

Honestly, I LOVE the Lose It app. Sometimes (especially when drinking wine and eating “freely” on the weekends) I don’t love seeing how many calories I racked up, but it’s definitely good for me. It inspires me to work out harder and more often, and also to really think twice before eating something super unhealthy or stuffing my face when I may not even be hungry.

My bathroom scale is seriously insane and needs to be tossed, but I have reason to believe I’ve lost about three pounds since I started using this app three weeks ago. Such a nice healthy pace and I’m not dieting or depriving myself at all!


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