Working From Home Without Getting Fat

9 Sep
I worked from Vegas one day last week, simply because I wanted to...

I worked from Vegas one day last week, simply because I wanted to…

When my husband and I moved to Los Angeles two months ago, I “retired” from corporate life to become a freelance writer. Working from home involves pretty much every stereotype you’re inevitably plaguing me with right now, so let’s just discuss them and move on with it already. I get up at a reasonable hour of my choosing each day, my dress code is sweatpants, and my office is usually the left side of my couch. I am the California dream baby!

One misconception I would like to clear up is the issue of eating healthy. I’ve heard that people tend to gain weight when working from home and this is one job hazard I just don’t get. Unless you live inside an all-you-can-eat buffet of lard, I don’t see how this is an unavoidable side effect.

Eating Healthy When Working From Home

  1. Shop Healthy: Unless you’ve got an unruly housekeeper on the payroll who stocks your pantry with Twinkies and Oreos, despite your desperate pleas for apples, you’re in control of the food going into your house (and your mouth). Stock your pantry with healthy food and it won’t matter if you go hog wild in the kitchen every afternoon.
  2. Exercise: When working from home, you don’t have to waste valuable parts of your day commuting to work, freeing up a good chunk of your day. Voila! Now you have no excuse not to exercise. Join a gym, become a jogger, take up yoga, or whatever floats your boat.
  3. Get Cooking: When you got tied up working late at the office or stuck in a monster traffic jam during your days as part of the standard workforce, it was understandable that you’d want to order take out instead of getting started in the kitchen at 8pm. Now your working from home, so make your commute into the kitchen and start cooking healthy dinners. You’ll save money and calories!

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