Gettin’ Sweaty at the Dog Park

27 Jul
Doggie wonderland.

Doggie wonderland.

I’m back! I know it’s been awhile, but I’m still here ─ and still living the California dream! In fact, my husband and I adopted the sweetest, most adorable little dog. LA is probably the best city on the planet to live with an 8lb dog, as these precious little creatures are actually treated better than children. Chloe, our little chi-spaniel, goes everywhere with us ─ brunch by the beach, shopping in Target, wine tasting, grocery shopping, movies in the park, dinners out ─ while you get my drift.

Anyways, besides all the everyday (human) places we take her, we’ve discovered another magical little place we now have access to ─ the dog park. Ironically, we have one a few blocks from our house, so it’s very easy for us to take her down the street to play. However, we recently discovered trips to the dog park can also be a fun way for us to get some cardio in.

This past Saturday morning, we took her jogging and ended up at the dog park. Then we jogged some more around the dog park. Back and forth ─ sprint interval style. And when we were done, we jogged back home. In total, we were gone about an hour and were all feeling tired and sweaty when we got home.

Chloe is fascinated by everything at the dog park.

Chloe is fascinated by everything at the dog park.

So there you have it ─ exercising at the dog park isn’t just for pooches. Not only do you burn calories, it’s also a great excuse to spend quality time with a bunch of cute little doggies!


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