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A Skinny Sugar Cookie Recipe That Actually Tastes Good

22 Dec

It’s pretty easy to find low-fat recipes for just about anything these days, so you’d think it’d be no problem to track down one for sugar cookies. Wrong. I’ve been testing out low-fat recipes for sugar cookies for years now and I’ve never really found a good one. In fact, most of them taste like dog food. You might think I’d just make my own health(ish) sugar cookie recipe, but no, not a good idea. I can usually follow other people’s recipes, but if I’m tasked with substituting healthy ingredients on my own, I’m better off serving a bowl of Kibbles ‘n Bits.

In my continued quest to find a low-fat sugar cookie that actually tastes good, I decided to test out one I found on the Good Housekeeping website. Their “Whole Wheat Sugar Cookies” recipe seems pretty solid, looks good on paper, and has great nutrition stats. Plus would Good Housekeeping really put a bad recipe on their website? Well it’s time to find out!


Anddd the final result is… they’re DELICIOUS!! Obviously they don’t taste the same as traditional fatty sugar cookies, because well they’re not full of fat, but they have their own flavor of excellent. Yum! After years of searching, I’ve finally found a skinny sugar cookie recipe that actually tastes good!

Everyone knows that sugar cookies can’t be naked*, so after you bake them, it’s time to make some frosting.

*Actually, as it’s virtually impossible to make super healthy frosting, it’s a good idea to keep some of your sugar cookies in their natural state. They’re so good you won’t even mind!

Nothing says Christmas like a naked poodle sugar cookie.

Nothing says Christmas like a naked poodle sugar cookie.

Goat Cheese Frosting

I LOVE goat cheese. In fact, if it was possible to live on reduced fat peanut butter and goat cheese, I’d be the first sucker in line. So when I saw this recipe for goat cheese frosting on Domestic Diva M.D.‘s blog, I pinned it to my recipe board on Pinterest for the next time I needed a frosting recipe. If you even have to ask, her recipe is ahh-mazing! Plus she also puts funny little stories above her recipe posts, so make sure to check the top of the page out before scrolling down to the recipe itself.

Mmm skinny Christmas poodles & unicorns with goat cheese frosting.

Mmm skinny Christmas poodles & unicorns with goat cheese frosting.

How to Deal with Stress This Holiday Season

20 Dec

Don't get all stressed out during the Christmas season.

There’s a million little things that make the holiday season special. That’s right, you need to do one million little things to successfully survive the Christmas season. So it’s really no wonder that every normal person on the planet experiences some form of stress and anxiety during this time of year.

You have to do all of your holiday shopping, gift wrapping, baking, party planning/attending, decorating, sending Christmas cards, planning and cooking a feast for the big day, and countless other “little” tasks. And for most of us, all of this madness takes place during a span of less than one month. If you don’t experience at least a little stress and anxiety during this mad rush, you need to be put in a cage and studied.

The holiday season does only come once a year though, so it’s important to figure out how to deal with stress and not let it put a damper on your festive mood. No one can do everything, so strive for excellence on the festive obligations that fit your fancy, and then openly half-arse the ones that don’t. If anyone dares berate you for this wise little tactic, deck them in the brow with a stick of holly.

Tips for Managing Stress During the Holiday Season:

  • Admit Defeat. If you’ve noticed people feeding your Christmas cookies to their dog, take this as a sign that your baked goods taste like dog treats. Surrender your spatula and purchase any baked goods you plan to serve during the Christmas season from an actual bakery. Why waste your precious time baking if your efforts aren’t appreciated?
  • Send New Year’s Cards. Somewhere, at some point-in-time, some moron made a rule that cards sent during the holiday season had to arrive before Christmas day. If not, you’re supposed to feel ashamed that you were busy enjoying the Christmas season, thus resulting in the tardy arrival of your cards. Make your own rules and buy New Year’s cards instead. They will stand out with their fashionably late arrival, and people might actually have the time to read them.
  • Act like a VIP. Everyone you know wants to hang out during the holiday season. Your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and etc. all have holiday parties, gift exchanges, happy hours, and other random events they expect you to attend. Unless you’re some kind of ninja, you can’t attend all of these events at once. Or at all. Especially with all of the other tasks you have to complete during the holiday season. Say ‘yes’ to the events you genuinely want to go and politely decline the others. They’ll get over it.
  • Get on the List. Everything is easier when you’re organized. Work on managing stress this holiday season by making lists of things that need to be done. Create a plan to dominate your Christmas season tasks, so you’re not running around like crazy old fruit cake.

Check out this great post, “5 Simple Ways to Keep Holiday Stress at Bay,” to find more ways to reduce stress during the Christmas season.