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NKOTBSB Tour Has The Right Stuff

16 Jun

12:30am – I’m a sweaty mess, my stomach hurts from screaming, & I’m pretty sure I have no voice. Am I bothered by this? No way, because I just had the BEST NIGHT EVER!!


The NKOTBSB tour was incredible. And so were our seats. I knew we had really good seats in the third floor section from the stage. What I did not know was that the floor was small. And the protruding stage that went through our section would be where 75% of the show took place. So much so that our chairs were arranged to face this part of the stage, instead of the main stage at the front of the section. Sooo therefore we were in the 6TH ROW FROM THE STAGE. Got that?  Just in case you missed it, WE WERE IN THE 6TH ROW FROM THE STAGE!!  Yep, we were so close we could see pants pockets, tattoos, microphones in the back pocket… you name it. And somehow I was able to restrain myself enough to not end up in jail.

A few highlights from the Pittsburgh stop of the NKOTBSB Tour:

1.) Donnie Walhberg does a flying leap into MY SECTION!! Before long all that stands between me and the man himself is 4 dumb broads!!


2.) After the flying leap into my section, Donnie climbs up the wall of the section behind me, and steals a long drink from a fan’s beer. O-M-G. If I was that girl,I would’ve poured the leftover all over me so I could bathe in Donnie’s backwash, then would refuse to shower for days.

3.) During the BSB song “Everybody” Nick Carter sings the line ‘Am I sexual?’, hip thrusts, then shoves hand down pants.

4.) BSB Brian chooses an older woman from the crowd to serenade.  How cute is that?!  Then waits to help her off the stage at the end before he resumes singing.  Aww!

5.) Donnie rips his shirt off while on the catwalk in front of me, then parades up and down the stage shirtless. True beauty.

6.) Danny Wood’s raging muscles.

7.) The general beauty of the fact that Donnie’s general stage position was right in front of my seat for most of the night.

8.) Lots and lots of sparkles worn by all 9 NKOTBSB tour members.

9.) Joey McIntyre singing “Please Don’t Go Girl” and sounding every bit as good as he did in 1989.

10.) Jordan Knight and his amazing ability to hit high notes. Simply amazing voice.

The absolute best part about the show was the energy from the guys. They rocked that stage for 2.5 hours! The show was perfectly arranged so that NKOTB performed a few songs, then BSB and so on. Absolutely not some weird mixture of the two groups singing snippets of each other’s songs like I feared it would be. And the guys all seemed so genuinely happy to be there, which was really awesome to see. They really looked like they were having a great time up there. Oh and the interaction with the crowd. Amazing! I’ve never seen a show where band members jump in the crowd, run through the crowd and get as close with the fans as these guys did tonight. Great job NKOTBSB!

Drinkin' on the job.

Cheap Concert Tickets Come to Those Who Wait

14 Jun

Wait for cheap concert tickets and laugh your way to your seats in front of the crowd.

I have the patience of a two-year old. When I want something, I want it now. So of course when tickets went on sale for the 2011 NKOTBSB tour, I was at my computer nervously clicking, refreshing, and clicking again for 30 minutes before the tickets  EVEN WENT ON SALE! Whatever, I’m a maniac and I wanted to best tickets I could get my paws on.

When the tickets finally went on sale, it was time for the moment of truth. I was willing to spare no expense for the 2011 NKOTBSB tour, so I was shocked when Ticketmaster’s best offer was 25th row seats in a section that was not Floor level. Really?!? Not knowing any better, I forked over a bittersweet $200+ for these two tickets, even though they were not everything I dreamed they would be.

No one wins when you pay full price for tickets.

Fast forward to yesterday, two days before the concert.  I still have my mediocre tickets and I’m cruising StubHub, and finding crazy deals. Tons of people are selling tickets way better than mine for way cheaper! As soon as I came across two $68 tickets in Section 3 of the Floor area, I caved. Regardless of the fact that I have now paid for two sets of tickets, for two people, at one show, let’s focus on the cheap concert ticket deal I scored instead.  By waiting until two days
before the concert I managed to pay less for seats so close to the stage that Donnie Wahlberg will be sweating on me, than I did for seats that were just okay.

I’m assuming that similar situations happen for just about any concert, sporting event, and theater show. Therefore I’m done lurking around the Ticketmaster website waiting for tickets to go on sale. Patience really is a virtue; at least when having it will allow you to get cheap concert tickets.

Thanks to StubHub, I won't need binoculars to see NKOTBSB perform.