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Donnie Wahlberg’s Abs Guest Star on Blue Bloods

22 Oct

Donnie Wahlberg's abs made their debut appearance on Blue Bloods tonight.

On tonight’s episode of Blue Bloods Jamie began his undercover mission when the mob child he saved from death-by-overdose a few weeks ago invited him to a thank you dinner at his family’s restaurant. Young Reagan was given a different identity to go by, pretending to be part of the fast-moving mafia scene. He gets into a sticky situation when mob child drags him to his dealer’s place to “thank him” for the batch of cocaine that landed him in the hospital.

Danny and Linda win a romantic weekend together at a swank hotel. Linda is excited to rekindle their romance, but is disappointed when Danny spends most of the weekend working on a case. He cuts out of date night early, having to skip a show they have tickets for, leaving her to go with a friend instead. He returns to the hotel later in the evening and she’s waiting for him with “dessert.” Ooh la la! Network television was then blessed with the gift of Donnie Wahlberg’s abs! That’s right, Donnie Wahlberg graced the CBS airwaves wearing nothing but a towel! H-O-T!!

Frank and Grandpa Henry were on babysitting duty while Danny and Linda were on their romantic rendezvous. They had planned to take young Jack and Sean to see “The Book of Mormon,” but Henry misplaced the tickets. Instead, they took the boy Reagan’s out for dinner, fishing, a movie and manly advice.

Admittedly not the best quality pic, but hello Donnie Wahlberg's bare torso!

Donnie Wahlberg Makes It Hot to Be Bad on Blue Bloods

7 Oct

Donnie Wahlberg a.k.a. Danny Reagan is the sexiest detective alive.

On tonight’s episode of Blue Bloods, a former cop robs a bank in an attempt to get fast cash to pay for an operation to save his young daughter’s life. His plan doesn’t go quite as he hoped, and he ends taking a few bank customers and employees hostage. Danny and Jackie get involved in the case, trying to find the other men involved in the attempted bank robbery, who took off before the hostage situation got underway. They succeed in finding the man in a grody old Brooklyn garage. After a little scuffle, Danny pounces on the perp and arrests him. Wait a sec, is it really punishment to have Donnie Wahlberg wrestle and handcuff you? I think not! Note to Donnie Wahlberg: I’ve been very naughty and I need YOU to arrest me.

Meanwhile, Jamie and his partner are put on the much less exciting task of “entrapment.” They are stationed in the park, near a strategically placed bag, which is supposed to appear as if someone forgot it. A few do-gooders turn the bag in, while one sucker tries to take off with some of the contents, and in return he receives a swift tackle to the ground from young Reagan.

After arresting one perp in the Brooklyn garage, Danny and Jackie head back to the bank to check on the hostage situation. Danny knows the naughty cop-turned bank robber and convinces him to allow him to come in and fetch an injured hostage. The rest of the Reagan family sees Danny walking into the bank on television, and are none too pleased. Especially Linda. After some smooth talking Danny is able to calm bad cop down enough to get the SWAT team in the building and arrest him. Again, why do bank robbers get sweet talked and handcuffed by Donnie Wahlberg?! This is NOT a punishment!

Linda expresses her displeasure with Danny playing hero during Sunday dinner at Frank’s house. She asks him to stop taking such risks, as she is afraid that something will happen to him, leaving her a widow and their sons without a father. Danny seems to understand, but we all know he’ll be back to fearlessly fighting crime in next week’s episode.

Next Week Sneak Peek: A man is released from prison after 18 years, that Frank wrongfully arrested for a crime that DNA evidence now proves that he didn’t commit.

Was Donnie Wahlberg Naughty or Nice on Tonight’s ‘Blue Bloods’?

30 Sep

Bad boys bad boys, whatcha gonna do when Donnie Wahlberg's abs come for you?

Episode two started off with Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) and his partner Jackie (Jennifer Esposito) in the middle of fighting crime, when an armed man busts in. The man refuses to drop his weapon, so Danny shoots him. After he tumbles down the steps, his NYPD badge falls out of his pocket, and Danny realizes that he has shot one of his fellow officers. He panics. He and Jackie rush the unmarked officer to paramedics, and then hold court in the hospital lobby, waiting to hear more on his condition.

As police commissioner, Frank (Tom Selleck) must put his son in temporary time-out until Internal Affairs finishes their investigation on the shooting. Danny then must succumb to being an office monkey, tied to his desk. Hmm, the thought of Donnie Wahlberg actually tied up to a desk is pretty hot…

Anyways, with her parter out of commission, Jackie must hit the streets alone to figure out why the unmarked officer was on the prowl. She discovers that the unmarked officer was actually off-duty (hence why he was unmarked) and had come to help a woman who was having a fight with her druggie son. Danny and Jackie decided they need to find the druggie son. Danny takes it upon himself to do his own stake out on the sly, even though he is not allowed to leave his desk. He is busted by his fellow officers, and hauled back in for some more punishment. Unfortunately no handcuffs, whips, or chains are involved in Danny’s punishment. I mean, Frank was very angry with his son for defying his orders.

Back to Jackie. She catches druggie’s girlfriend when she returns to his mother’s house. After bringing her back to the station and interrogating her, Jackie and Danny discover that instead of being grateful for the help in breaking up the fight with her druggie son, the druggie’s mother struck the unmarked officer with his own gun. This explains why he was disoriented when he came upon Danny and Jackie, and failed to identify himself. It also means that his head trauma is not the result of falling down the stairs after Danny shot him. Danny is then removed from time out. After they are reunited on the streets, Danny and Jackie track down the druggie and arrest him.

Frank visits the unmarked officer in the hospital, who appears to be recovering nicely. Danny drops by while Frank is visiting. He leaves them alone to chat. The episode ends with Danny and the unmarked officer shaking hands.

Preview for next week: There appears to be a hostage situation, and it seems as if Danny heads in to break it up. Can we say h-o-t?!

Happy Birthday Donnie Wahlberg!

17 Aug

Happy Birthday Donnie Wahlberg!

Today is August 17th, which means only one thing – 42 years ago today a raging stud was born in Dorchester, Massachusetts! That’s right, today is Donnie Wahlberg’s birthday! As The Jerp’s gift to you, here’s a collection of studly pictures of the birthday boy himself, from the 2011 Pittsburgh show. For your viewing pleasure…

Ohh la la Donnie Wahlberg's abs!

Birthday boy

Lit up like an angel

Donnie Wahlberg's abs get hotter with age

Lookin' like a soldier of HOT!

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