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Batman Movie Set Invades Downtown Pittsburgh

11 Aug
Photo taken by Rob Schultz

Downtown Pittsburgh isn’t usually the most exciting place to work, but today was the exception to the rule. Before I even made it into my building, I got I was greeted by Bane’s batmobile parked right outside.

It's pretty cool to look out your window at work and see a movie set.

I haven’t seen any of the Batman films since the early 90’s, but I’m going to have to check this one out.

Fake snow on a movie set is the only snow I like.

I should have volunteered my car to be in the movie.

The batmobile was hiding from the paparazzi (me).

Where is Christian Bale? Batman must’ve been hiding from the revelers on Smithfield St.

That's no Pittsburgh school bus!

What's a movie set without a tanker?

Just another day on Smithfield Street…

I love this thing.

I assume this monster fan is responsible for making the fake snow blow around into a fake snowstorm?  Ohhh how I love Hollywood in Pittsburgh!

You don't see a movie set sign on Wood Street everyday.

If I were to have gotten lost while walking back to work today, I could’ve just followed the signs to the movie set. Just sayin’…

Movie set "snow."

Today I learned that "snow" on an outdoor movie set in August is made of small, styrofoamish pellets. Basically you could pack a box of wine glasses with this stuff, and expect them to arrive in tact.

Watch the batmobile cruise.



10 Aug


Batman is filming outside my building at work today. Check back tomorrow for more…