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You might be an NKOTB Block Head if…

3 Jul

Donnie and Joe

Being a Block Head takes years of dedication. We’ve been fans of the New Kids on the block since the 1980’s. We love the New Kids on the Block members dearly, regardless of whether it’s currently cool to do so or not. Other people find this dedication to be insane, but we know that they’re the crazy ones. Afer all, who wouldn’t want to be a Block Head?

You know you’re a Block Head if…

1.) You’ve had the same favorite songs since you were in kindergarten, and you’re now your mid-twenties. Other people find this insanely odd, but you wear it as a badge of honor, because they’re New Kids on the Block songs.

2.) You understand what it means when you see a tweet that says, “need two Jon, one Danny, and one Jordan for Pittsburgh show.” For you non-block heads, this translates to we’re a group of NKOTB fans attending the Pittsburgh concert together, and we need two girls who’s favorite NKOTB member is Jon, one who’s favorite is Danny, and one who’s favorite is Jordan. When these numbers get disproportional, it can get ugly.

3.) You know all of the New Kids on the Block lyrics, all of them. You may not have been able to read (or understand) all of the words back in the late 80’s, but whatever, you’ve had a lot of time to practice since then.

How cute is Jon?!

4.) You support the New Kids on the Block members in their other business ventures. Jordan’s new cd “Unfinished” has been in your car’s cd player since you bought the autographed copy at their show three weeks ago, you told your boyfriend that you’d like to see “Zookeeper” next weekend and his first reaction was “let me guess, Donnie Wahlberg is in it?”

Sing it Jordan!

5.) Although your NKOTB twin bed sheets from the 1980’s are still somewhere in your parents’ basement, you’d really appreciate it if they’d come out with a new and improved queen-sized set. When others tell you this idea is odd, you know deep down they’re just jealous because they didn’t think of it.

6.) Screw Sesame Street and Barney, you had better things to do in the first grade, like attend your first NKOTB concert. And you still have the Hangin’ Tough Tour t-shirt to prove it.

7.) After the NKOTBSB show you were so excited, you could barely sleep for two days. This seems perfectly normal to you.

This is the face of excitement.

8.) You can’t believe how lucky you are that your great aunt and uncle lived in the same little Boston suburb as Donnie Wahlberg’s mother.

9.) You were that kid in elementary school who the other kids thought was weird because you were still listening to NKOTB songs long after it was the trendy thing to do. Then you became that adult.

10.) Christmas isn’t Christmas without listening to Danny Wood sing “The Little Drummer Boy,” at least 100 times.

I think we need a 2011 Christmas album tour...

11.) You joined twitter because you realized you could follow all of the New Kids on the Block members on it.

12.) You bought two sets of tickets to the latest NKOTB show, because you were worried your first set wouldn’t meet your personal standards.

Hellloooo Donnie!

13.) You may be in your mid-twenties, but that didn’t stop you from finding the NKOTBSB tour buses on your lunch break from your grown-up job. Thankfully you wear the title of office weirdo with pride.

14.) You find a way to listen to NKOTB radio interviews, even if it’s taking place on a Los Angeles radio station and you are sitting in a cubicle in Pittsburgh.

New Kids on the Block Tour Comes to Pittsburgh!

2 Jun
Today is June 2nd, which means there is only 13 days left until the New Kids on the Block Tour Comes to Pittsburgh! It’s been six months since I bought tickets for my mom (you know you’re excited) and I to watch the boys strut around the stage singing “Hangin’ Tough,” “The Right Stuff,” “Step-by-Step” and all of the other timeless classics. The long wait for this New Kids on the Block Tour has been nothing short of agonizing!
If you’ve ever met me, ever read my Twitter posts, or have seen me walking around carrying the sweet water bottle pictured below (no, that is not a joke), you know that I am head-over-heels obsessed with the New Kids on the Block. I find anyway that I can to work the boys into daily conversations, and talk about Donnie Wahlberg so much that my family, friends and co-workers know who I’m talking about as soon as a say the word “Donnie.”


Yes, I carry this out in public. Proudly.

After walking in on me wearing my precious "Donnie Wahlberg - Boyfriend" t-shirt while singing and dancing along to a New Kids on the Block dvd, my boyfriend has attempted to ban me from this behavior while he's in the house. Whatever.  

Dear Donnie - Please wear leather pants to Pittsburgh.

So, who else is excited for the New Kids on the Block Tour?  Stupid question, obviously EVERYONE!  Great moments in history usually only happen once, but we are lucky enough to get to see Donnie and the boys bringing “The Right Stuff” back to Pittsburgh like it’s 1990 all over again. 

To be continued…