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Special Edition: Jordan Knight Takes Pittsburgh!

24 Mar

Today is your lucky day! There will be no lectures on what you shouldn’t be eating or guilt trips on why you’re not at the gym right now. Instead, I bring you pictures from the Jordan Knight’s Pittsburgh show last night! For anyone who’s been listening to the wrong music for the past 25 years, Jordan Knight is one of the lead singers from the New Kids on the Block.

The show was at the Altar Bar, in the Strip District. Size wise, it was a great venue choice, because it was small enough that you could pretty much stand anywhere and still be pretty close to him. We were up on the second floor balcony, which should’ve allowed for really great views, and at times did, but there was a couple of really large err “roadblocks,” in front of us. I could elaborate, but for once, I’ll be polite. Enjoy this moment of restraint and grace from me, as you know, it doesn’t happen often,


Jordan Knight yelling "Pittsburghhhh, Pennsylvaniaaaa" actually makes this city sound sexy!

Let me tell you that man can move! He brought two backup dancers with him, and the three of them were dancing around that stage for most of the show. Oh la la! He may be 42 years old, but he can prance around that stage just as well as he did when he was 18! Actually, I think he’s gotten even better with age…

Oh la la Jordan Knight!

Alright, he did take it slow for a couple of songs, but how hot is he playing the keyboard?! Jordan Knight is a musical genius. There’s nothing this studly man cannot do!

Sing it Jordan!

This man can still dance like it's 1989!

So studly!

Here’s a video of Jordan signing, “Like a Wave.” Ignore the “roadblocks,” and focus on the beautiful sounds of Jordan Knight’s sweet voice. Enjoy!

If You Haven’t Been to Savoy Pittsburgh, What Are You Waiting On?

11 Nov

I decided to take a break from eating healthy tonight and try out Savoy with my boyfriend. We bought a Groupon for this new restaurant awhile back and decided to finally use it. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but all I can say is wow!

The restaurant is absolutely beautiful. It’s designed in a way that makes you feel comfortable and never want to leave. Everything from the white leather chairs, to the spotlights subtly changing the color of the walls make it beautifully unique. The staff is also so friendly and welcoming. They make you feel right at home.

Now, onto the food. First lets start with the bread basket, as even this is worth mentioning. There were four or five different types of bread, that were all amazing. We especially loved one that was cheesy and another that had tiny bits of olives in it. Now onto the appetizer. We had the Mediterranean Platter and it was basically every food fantasy I’ve ever had, combined together. It was also huge! Mediterranean food is my favorite, and this is by far the best appetizer of its kind that I’ve ever had. It was filled with hummus, pita chips, olives (and lots of them!), feta cheese and lots of veggies.  Mmm. Finally, our main courses were also completely fabulous. I had the Angel Hair Pasta with shrimp and my boyfriend had the Pork Three Ways. Both incredible.

Although we initially went to Savoy because we had a Groupon, we will definitely be back without one. This is definitely one of the best restaurants I’ve been to in Pittsburgh.
Savoy Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Batman Movie Set Invades Downtown Pittsburgh

11 Aug
Photo taken by Rob Schultz

Downtown Pittsburgh isn’t usually the most exciting place to work, but today was the exception to the rule. Before I even made it into my building, I got I was greeted by Bane’s batmobile parked right outside.

It's pretty cool to look out your window at work and see a movie set.

I haven’t seen any of the Batman films since the early 90’s, but I’m going to have to check this one out.

Fake snow on a movie set is the only snow I like.

I should have volunteered my car to be in the movie.

The batmobile was hiding from the paparazzi (me).

Where is Christian Bale? Batman must’ve been hiding from the revelers on Smithfield St.

That's no Pittsburgh school bus!

What's a movie set without a tanker?

Just another day on Smithfield Street…

I love this thing.

I assume this monster fan is responsible for making the fake snow blow around into a fake snowstorm?  Ohhh how I love Hollywood in Pittsburgh!

You don't see a movie set sign on Wood Street everyday.

If I were to have gotten lost while walking back to work today, I could’ve just followed the signs to the movie set. Just sayin’…

Movie set "snow."

Today I learned that "snow" on an outdoor movie set in August is made of small, styrofoamish pellets. Basically you could pack a box of wine glasses with this stuff, and expect them to arrive in tact.

Watch the batmobile cruise.



10 Aug


Batman is filming outside my building at work today. Check back tomorrow for more…

Urban Target

30 Jul


Shopping carts get their own escalator at the new Shadyside Target, in Pittsburgh’s east end.

Pittsburgh Fashion – The #3 Biggest Fashion Disaster in the Country

19 Jul

It’s official Pittsburgh, according to GQ magazine, we are the #3 worst fashion disaster in the country. The only cities that ranked worse than
us were Boston and Los Angeles. Even our favorite places such as Cleveland, Philadelphia, and the freaking JERSEY SHORE received higher ratings than us. Yowza.

I can’t say that I disagree with the writer’s main point though — Steeler’s jerseys are not an acceptable form of daily attire. You’d never know this by walking the streets of anywhere within a 50 mile radius of this city though. Yinzers wear Steelers jerseys to work, to the store, out to the bars, and to every other public establishment on a year-round basis. It’s easy to forget this living in Pittsburgh, but normal cities wear their team’s football jerseys on game day, or maybe even game weekend, but not to like their weddings.

Come on guys, you've got more than a fashion disaster on your hands if you think wearing this guy's jersey on a date is a good idea.

Men of Pittsburgh — you are a nationally ranked fashion disaster. Step it up. It is not okay to pick a lady up for a date wearing a Steeler’s jersey, unless you are taking her to watch a Steeler’s game. If your date does not involve watching the Steelers in a football game, put on a real shirt.

Same goes for you ladies. Have some shame. Do you really want to go out on a date wearing an article of clothing that the guy probably has in his own closet? Ya, that’s real hot. Leave that Steeler’s jersey at home, unless you’re actually going out to watch the game.

Wear a Steeler's jersey to a football game, during football season, not to work on a Wednesday in July.

Where To Get a Great Facial Treatment in Pittsburgh

25 Jun

I’m cheap, but I’m also vain, which sometimes poses a conflict of interest for me. Do I spend a little money on something that will make me look better or do I opt to hoard my money instead?  Hmm decisions, decisions. One day I saw a Groupon for a $25 facial treatment at Izzazu Salon downtown. Knowing this is a good price, for a such a service at a snazzy salon, I snapped it up. Little did I realize that it would only take one facial treatment to form a pricey new addiction.

Get vain. Get a facial treatment.


I don’t waste time. After snatching the Izzazu Groupon, it took me no longer than 48 hours to get my facial treatment booked. I nervously arrived at Izzazu ont the big day and was greeted by a lovely woman named Anna, who would by esthetician. She led me down a dark hallway (more exciting, less creepy) to my treatment room. Then began the amazing facial treatment. Anna rubbed lotion all over my face (many times), put lots of steamy hot rags on me. It was bliss. Then when I thought it could get any better, she rubbed lotion on my hands and feet and stuffed them in something I imaged to look like oven mits. I marinated for a few minutes, and then she took them off to reveal my soft as a baby’s arse skin. When the whole procedure was over my skin had an angelic glow to it and in the words of Anna I “had the skin of a 15 year old.” How can you not love that?!

Massage Envy – Squirrel Hill

After I got the best facial at Izzazu, I intended to return, but my cheapness took over. I began searching for another deal, because paying full price is against my religion. In my research, I found that Massage Envy location in Squirrel Hill now offers facials. I’ve been curious about this place for awhile, so as soon as I saw the $50 facial treatment price tag, I was in. I was hesitant at first, because I’d read reviews that these Massage Envy locations can be giant sales pitch, in a building that resembles a doctor’s office.

Well, well I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived. The front desk staff was super friendly, the office was comfy, and the sales pitch really wasn’t that pushy. I was introduced to my esthetician, Alicia, and we went back to my facial treatment room. Massage Envy offers four different types of facials, so Alicia checked my skin out, chose the right one for me and then the fun began. Some kind of machine blew heat on my face, lots of lotion was rubbed on, and there were many different sets of hot towels steaming my pores open. As an added bonus, she also lubed my hands up, and gave me a hand massage. And then my favorite part happened – the neck and shoulder massage. What a lovely surprise! After the facial treatment was over, my skin once again was super soft, with a beautiful, radiant glow. Total win.

Who Gave the Best Facial?

I would highly recommend both Izzazu and Massage Envy to anyone for a facial treatment. I will probably go back to both. Go to Izzazu if you’re looking for a little bit of a snazzier experience, as it is a bit more swank. With that said, Massage Envy is pretty great too, especially for those of you on a budget. Although after your first $50 facial treatment, they cost $75 each, unless you join their membership plan, which actually isn’t a bad deal. You pay $40 per month to get one massage per month, and if you want to substitute it for a facial instead, you just pay an extra $10.