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Donnie Wahlberg – Sexiest Zookeeper Alive

10 Jul

Donnie's character in Zookeeper is making ladies across the country wish they were a naughty gorilla. Wink wink.

If you haven’t already seen the Zookeeper movie, get off the internet immediately and proceed to the nearest movie theater! The movie is cute, funny, and of course, has Donnie Wahlberg in it! Admittedly, Donnie’s character – Shane, isn’t the nicest zookeeper on the block, but who cares? Bad zoo boys are hot! Donnie did an absolutely amazing job portraying the bad boy zookeeper. My only complaint about the movie is that there isn’t enough of Donnie in it. Thankfully though, his appearances are neatly spread throughout the movie, so that you never have to go too long with a view of Donnie Wahlberg on the big screen. And although we don’t get a glimpse of those sexy Donnie Wahlberg abs, ladies there is a boxers shot…

Now, onto the movie itself… Kevin James was hilarious, Rosario Dawson was totally lovable, and Leslie Bibb did an awesome job of portraying an uber biotch. Call me a four year-old, but the talking animals were pretty darn funny! I mean, how can you not laugh when watching animals talk, fight, and even go to TGI Fridays?!  As for the rest, well I can’t tell you that, because if I told you everything I would ruin the movie for you. And I know you’re all going to see this movie!

Donnie Wahlberg Is The Hottest Evil Zookeeper on The Block

8 Jul

Something tells me that watching Donnie Wahlberg as a zookeeper is going to make many women wish they were zoo'ed up monkeys.

Today is July 8th, meaning it’s the day that Donnie Wahlberg’s new Zookeeper movie comes out in theaters! Donnie’s co-stars in the movie include funny man Kevin James, and the lovely ladies Leslie Bibb and Rosario Dawson.

My invitation to the premiere must have gotten lost in the mail, so here’s my best summary based solely upon reading a few reviews:

In the Zookeeper movie, Kevin James plays Griffin, a zookeeper who loves his job, but realizes that he’s more comfortable spending time with animals in the zoo, than with people. He quits his job at the zoo to try to win back the heart of his dream girl, played by Leslie Bibb. When the animals realize that they’re beloved zookeeper is leaving him, they come to life. Expect lots of talking actors with voices that will sound very familiar to you, such as Slyvestor Stallone, Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider, Cher, and many others.

Now onto the most important part –  Donnie’s role in the movie. He plays evil zookeeper Shane, who regardless of whatever naughty things that he’s doing, looks way hot in his little zoo man pants. I wonder if Donnie Wahlberg’s abs will make an appearance in the movie?

Check back, because there’s much more to come after I see the movie…

Click here to read more about the Zookeeper movie, (also take note that Donnie is #5 on the cast list!).

Check out this pictures from On Location Vacations, of Donnie Wahlberg at Wednesday night’s Zookeeper premiere in Hollywood.

Here’s a video from the LA Times of Donnie Wahlberg on the red carpet at the premiere.