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I’ll Be Loving NKOTB Abs Forever (and Everything Else About Them…)

17 Jun
Welcome back to Pittsburgh, Donnie Wahlberg's abs!

Welcome back to Pittsburgh, Donnie Wahlberg’s abs!

They’re baackk!! That’s right people, Donnie Wahlberg’s abs will be on display this summer in various cities across the country on The Package Tour! Woo hoo!

The beautiful men of NKOTB.

Danny’s biceps are seriously about to bust through his suit coat!

Earlier this week the “The Package Tour,” made it’s Pittsburgh stop, and dare I say, I think this was the best New Kids on the Block show yet! Seriously though, I should know as I went to my first one nearly 23 years ago.

NKOTB gettin' down!

NKOTB gettin’ down!

Typically when you go to a show, you have to sit through an opening act you’ve never heard of, who probably isn’t even that great. Well well, not on The Package Tour! Opening acts for NKOTB this time around were Boyz II Men and 98 Degrees. Can we say boy band bliss?!

Boyz II Men = classic.

Boyz II Men = classic.

Nick Lachey was looking fit as ever!

Nick Lachey was looking fit as ever!

Everyone was completely awesome. Seriously, they all worked it. I’d go to every show on the tour if I could convince my husband going to NKOTB shows is a legit career.

NKOTB Looks Like Fitness Models

Not only do the amazingly talented men of New Kids on the Block still sound as fantastic as they did at my first concert 23 years ago, they’re in just as good shape. Actually, I think they look even better than they did in their 20’s! These studly men are seriously fit.

The lovely men of NKOTB.

The beautiful men of NKOTB.

Donnie Wahlberg’s abs totally stole the show while he belted out “Cover Girl,” and glided around the stage with all the swagger in the world. Sigh. Words cannot describe how beautiful those three minutes were for all of us “Donnie girls.”

And a side view of Donnie Wahlberg's abs. Wow, just wow!

And a side view of Donnie Wahlberg’s abs. Wow, just wow!

Jordan also gave us a little sneak peek of his beautiful toned stomach (see below).

What a tease!

What a tease!

While Danny, Joe, and Jon are a bit more modest, their clothes can’t disguise how crazy fit they are. Joe just ran a marathon, Danny’s biceps are the size of a moderately sized child, and Jon has never looked better!

Lookin' good boys, lookin' good.

Lookin’ good boys, lookin’ good.

These five guys, who are all in their 40’s, danced their finely toned arses off for two straight hours. No stopping. I’d be willing to bet that most guys half their age couldn’t do that! Especially while belting out perfect versions of their hits from the past 25 years.

Love how they always wear Boston jerseys during Hangin' Tough. Especially adorable this year with the "Boston Strong" shoutout.

Love how they always wear Boston jerseys during Hangin’ Tough. Especially adorable this year with the “Boston Strong” shoutout.

This goes to show that age really is just a number people. You can be in the best shape of your life at 45, 50, whatever. If you have the desire to get fit, there’s no stopping you! Let Donnie Wahlberg’s abs and Danny Wood’s bulging biceps be your inspiration!

Special Edition: Jordan Knight Takes Pittsburgh!

24 Mar

Today is your lucky day! There will be no lectures on what you shouldn’t be eating or guilt trips on why you’re not at the gym right now. Instead, I bring you pictures from the Jordan Knight’s Pittsburgh show last night! For anyone who’s been listening to the wrong music for the past 25 years, Jordan Knight is one of the lead singers from the New Kids on the Block.

The show was at the Altar Bar, in the Strip District. Size wise, it was a great venue choice, because it was small enough that you could pretty much stand anywhere and still be pretty close to him. We were up on the second floor balcony, which should’ve allowed for really great views, and at times did, but there was a couple of really large err “roadblocks,” in front of us. I could elaborate, but for once, I’ll be polite. Enjoy this moment of restraint and grace from me, as you know, it doesn’t happen often,


Jordan Knight yelling "Pittsburghhhh, Pennsylvaniaaaa" actually makes this city sound sexy!

Let me tell you that man can move! He brought two backup dancers with him, and the three of them were dancing around that stage for most of the show. Oh la la! He may be 42 years old, but he can prance around that stage just as well as he did when he was 18! Actually, I think he’s gotten even better with age…

Oh la la Jordan Knight!

Alright, he did take it slow for a couple of songs, but how hot is he playing the keyboard?! Jordan Knight is a musical genius. There’s nothing this studly man cannot do!

Sing it Jordan!

This man can still dance like it's 1989!

So studly!

Here’s a video of Jordan signing, “Like a Wave.” Ignore the “roadblocks,” and focus on the beautiful sounds of Jordan Knight’s sweet voice. Enjoy!

Donnie Wahlberg’s Abs Guest Star on Blue Bloods

22 Oct

Donnie Wahlberg's abs made their debut appearance on Blue Bloods tonight.

On tonight’s episode of Blue Bloods Jamie began his undercover mission when the mob child he saved from death-by-overdose a few weeks ago invited him to a thank you dinner at his family’s restaurant. Young Reagan was given a different identity to go by, pretending to be part of the fast-moving mafia scene. He gets into a sticky situation when mob child drags him to his dealer’s place to “thank him” for the batch of cocaine that landed him in the hospital.

Danny and Linda win a romantic weekend together at a swank hotel. Linda is excited to rekindle their romance, but is disappointed when Danny spends most of the weekend working on a case. He cuts out of date night early, having to skip a show they have tickets for, leaving her to go with a friend instead. He returns to the hotel later in the evening and she’s waiting for him with “dessert.” Ooh la la! Network television was then blessed with the gift of Donnie Wahlberg’s abs! That’s right, Donnie Wahlberg graced the CBS airwaves wearing nothing but a towel! H-O-T!!

Frank and Grandpa Henry were on babysitting duty while Danny and Linda were on their romantic rendezvous. They had planned to take young Jack and Sean to see “The Book of Mormon,” but Henry misplaced the tickets. Instead, they took the boy Reagan’s out for dinner, fishing, a movie and manly advice.

Admittedly not the best quality pic, but hello Donnie Wahlberg's bare torso!

Win a Chance to Take a Bite Out of Mark & Donnie Wahlberg’s Buns

19 Oct

Donnie Wahlberg interview with Ryan Seacrest, 10/7/2011, Uploaded by YouTube user Couthie

We already knew that Mark, Donnie and Paul Wahlberg were opening their new, aptly named restaurant, “Wahlbergers,” but now the big day is finally almost here! The restaurant, located in Boston’s Hingham Shipyard, will be open to the public starting next Tuesday, October 25th.

The restaurant opening is exciting, but the really exciting part is the party the Wahlbergs’ are throwing on Monday to celebrate their latest establishment. For a mere $2 per ticket, you can enter to win a chance to attend the grand opening party at Wahlbergers! No worries if you don’t live in the Boston area, the winner receives $1,000 to use on travel expenses for themselves and a guest, and of course they will have the opportunity to meet Mark, Donnie and Paul Wahlberg at the party! Oh la la, what could be hotter than three Wahlberg men in one room?

Click here to buy tickets to win a chance to attend what will obviously be the hottest restaurant opening on earth. Proceeds from ticket sales benefit a good cause — the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation, which works to improve the quality of life for inner city youth.

For you lucky Bostonians, even if you don’t win the chance to party with the Wahlberg boys on Monday, make sure to check the restaurant out sometime next week! Enjoy the fact that the rest of us who don’t live anywhere near the Wahlbergers area will be living vicariously through you…

Bad Boys Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do When Donnie Wahlberg Comes For You?

14 Oct

Arrest me, Donnie Wahlberg.

On tonight’s Blue Bloods, a case Frank was involved in 18 years ago was brought back into the spotlight. He arrested a man for rape after the victim positively identified him, but after current technology was used for a DNA test, the man was cleared from the crime. Frank felt extreme guilt from the situation, and was there to meet the man when he was released from prison. He vowed to find the man who was actually guilty of the rape, and when he did, the actual rapist bared a strong resemblance to the one who was falsely accused As a result of the statute of limitation on the case, the real rapist could not be arrested. Frank assigned team members to watch him, then found him on the street himself and warned him that the entire NYPD had their eyes on him.

Danny and Jackie were put on the case of a shooting that killed two teenagers and injured one. Danny is convinced that it wasn’t random, and that these seemingly well-behaved kids were secretly into some shady business. After doing some digging, they discovered that the one victim was dating a gang member. What could be hotter than watching Donnie Wahlberg defend the honor of fallen teenagers? *sigh*

Jamie was hot on the case of a missing laptop. The laptop’s techie owner had all kinds of nerdo ways to help them track down his precious equipment, but when the finally found the perp, they also found his bookie records displayed on the laptop screen. Double bust for baby Reagan!

Preview for next week: According to @Donnie Wahlberg himself, Danny Reagan goes SHIRTLESS in next week’s episode. That’s right ladies, Donnie Wahlberg’s abs are coming to your living room next week! Program the dvr, invite your friends over, and mentally prepare your mind for the most beautiful sight you’ve ever laid eyes on!




Donnie Wahlberg Makes It Hot to Be Bad on Blue Bloods

7 Oct

Donnie Wahlberg a.k.a. Danny Reagan is the sexiest detective alive.

On tonight’s episode of Blue Bloods, a former cop robs a bank in an attempt to get fast cash to pay for an operation to save his young daughter’s life. His plan doesn’t go quite as he hoped, and he ends taking a few bank customers and employees hostage. Danny and Jackie get involved in the case, trying to find the other men involved in the attempted bank robbery, who took off before the hostage situation got underway. They succeed in finding the man in a grody old Brooklyn garage. After a little scuffle, Danny pounces on the perp and arrests him. Wait a sec, is it really punishment to have Donnie Wahlberg wrestle and handcuff you? I think not! Note to Donnie Wahlberg: I’ve been very naughty and I need YOU to arrest me.

Meanwhile, Jamie and his partner are put on the much less exciting task of “entrapment.” They are stationed in the park, near a strategically placed bag, which is supposed to appear as if someone forgot it. A few do-gooders turn the bag in, while one sucker tries to take off with some of the contents, and in return he receives a swift tackle to the ground from young Reagan.

After arresting one perp in the Brooklyn garage, Danny and Jackie head back to the bank to check on the hostage situation. Danny knows the naughty cop-turned bank robber and convinces him to allow him to come in and fetch an injured hostage. The rest of the Reagan family sees Danny walking into the bank on television, and are none too pleased. Especially Linda. After some smooth talking Danny is able to calm bad cop down enough to get the SWAT team in the building and arrest him. Again, why do bank robbers get sweet talked and handcuffed by Donnie Wahlberg?! This is NOT a punishment!

Linda expresses her displeasure with Danny playing hero during Sunday dinner at Frank’s house. She asks him to stop taking such risks, as she is afraid that something will happen to him, leaving her a widow and their sons without a father. Danny seems to understand, but we all know he’ll be back to fearlessly fighting crime in next week’s episode.

Next Week Sneak Peek: A man is released from prison after 18 years, that Frank wrongfully arrested for a crime that DNA evidence now proves that he didn’t commit.

Get a Taste of the Wahlberg Brothers’ Buns

30 Aug
Donnie and Mark Wahlberg, along with their older brother Paul recently announced that they will soon be opening a “Wahlbergers” restaurant, in Massachusetts’s Hingham Shipyard. No doubt, NKOTB fans will be lining up outside to finally get a taste of Donnie Wahlberg’s buns!

Although Donnie and Mark are the more well-known Wahlberg’s in the trio, Paul is the culinary mastermind of the brothers. Paul Wahlberg’s amazing culinary creations have made him celebrity chef in the Boston area. He will probably be the one responsible for creating the menu, and making sure things run smoothly on a daily basis.

Although an exact opening date an menu still has yet to be announced, but the bestweekever.tv site claims they will be offering a “Funky Lunch Meal.” The story also brings up a legit concern — what will happen to Mark and Donnie Wahlberg’s abs if they eat too many of their namesake burgers?

It would take more than a few "Wahlbergers" to take down Donnie Wahlberg's abs.

The brothers had to do some smooth talking (and probably dole out a decent amount of money) to get the “Walhbergers” name from Tom Wahl, the owner of the original “Wahlberger.” Wahl owns an eight-store burger chain in New York State, but was able to be convinced to give up the title to the three studly brothers. And really, how could he not say yes to allowing them to open this adorable namesake restaurant?!

“Wahlbergers” will be located across from the brother’s Italian restaurant, Alma Nove. Take note, the boys named the restaurant after their mom, Alma.  How cute! Read more in Eater’s “Walhberger’s Wire.”

Win Danny Wood’s Harley Davidson Heritage!

15 Jul

If you think it’s impossible for one raffle drawing to appeal to both boy band fans and bikers, think again. New Kids on the Block member, Danny Wood is raffling off his 2004 Harley Davidson Heritage to one lucky winner, to raise money to fight breast cancer.

Danny is a devoted supporter of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, as his own mother Betty Wood, passed away from the disease. Danny’s Harley Davidson Heritage has been custom painted with the pink breast cancer awareness ribbon, as a symbol of his support for the cause.

Even if you don't care to ride a motorcycle, how cool would it be to own Danny Wood's Harley?!

Tickets for this charity raffle cost $2.00 each, with a minimum purchase of five tickets. Click Here to buy tickets to support this cause and to have a chance to win Danny Wood’s Harley Davidson Heritage!

The winner of this charity raffle will receive:

  • Two tickets to attend the NKOTBSB concert on Sunday, July 31, 2011 at the Nassau Memorial Coliseum in Long Island, N.Y.
  • Will be presented with the Danny Wood custom painted 2004 Harley Davidson Heritage.
  • Susan G. Komen for the Cure gift basket.
  • $2,000 allowance towards airfare for themselves and a guest (if needed, if used).
  • Two nights hotel accommodations for Saturday, July 30, 2011 and Sunday, July 31, 2011 (single room, double occupancy).
  • A total of $500 allowance towards ground transportation and food expenses for themselves and a guest.

Don’t delay — the raffle closes at 2pm EST on Tuesday, July 26th.

Donnie Wahlberg – Sexiest Zookeeper Alive

10 Jul

Donnie's character in Zookeeper is making ladies across the country wish they were a naughty gorilla. Wink wink.

If you haven’t already seen the Zookeeper movie, get off the internet immediately and proceed to the nearest movie theater! The movie is cute, funny, and of course, has Donnie Wahlberg in it! Admittedly, Donnie’s character – Shane, isn’t the nicest zookeeper on the block, but who cares? Bad zoo boys are hot! Donnie did an absolutely amazing job portraying the bad boy zookeeper. My only complaint about the movie is that there isn’t enough of Donnie in it. Thankfully though, his appearances are neatly spread throughout the movie, so that you never have to go too long with a view of Donnie Wahlberg on the big screen. And although we don’t get a glimpse of those sexy Donnie Wahlberg abs, ladies there is a boxers shot…

Now, onto the movie itself… Kevin James was hilarious, Rosario Dawson was totally lovable, and Leslie Bibb did an awesome job of portraying an uber biotch. Call me a four year-old, but the talking animals were pretty darn funny! I mean, how can you not laugh when watching animals talk, fight, and even go to TGI Fridays?!  As for the rest, well I can’t tell you that, because if I told you everything I would ruin the movie for you. And I know you’re all going to see this movie!

Donnie Wahlberg Is The Hottest Evil Zookeeper on The Block

8 Jul

Something tells me that watching Donnie Wahlberg as a zookeeper is going to make many women wish they were zoo'ed up monkeys.

Today is July 8th, meaning it’s the day that Donnie Wahlberg’s new Zookeeper movie comes out in theaters! Donnie’s co-stars in the movie include funny man Kevin James, and the lovely ladies Leslie Bibb and Rosario Dawson.

My invitation to the premiere must have gotten lost in the mail, so here’s my best summary based solely upon reading a few reviews:

In the Zookeeper movie, Kevin James plays Griffin, a zookeeper who loves his job, but realizes that he’s more comfortable spending time with animals in the zoo, than with people. He quits his job at the zoo to try to win back the heart of his dream girl, played by Leslie Bibb. When the animals realize that they’re beloved zookeeper is leaving him, they come to life. Expect lots of talking actors with voices that will sound very familiar to you, such as Slyvestor Stallone, Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider, Cher, and many others.

Now onto the most important part –  Donnie’s role in the movie. He plays evil zookeeper Shane, who regardless of whatever naughty things that he’s doing, looks way hot in his little zoo man pants. I wonder if Donnie Wahlberg’s abs will make an appearance in the movie?

Check back, because there’s much more to come after I see the movie…

Click here to read more about the Zookeeper movie, (also take note that Donnie is #5 on the cast list!).

Check out this pictures from On Location Vacations, of Donnie Wahlberg at Wednesday night’s Zookeeper premiere in Hollywood.

Here’s a video from the LA Times of Donnie Wahlberg on the red carpet at the premiere.